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About Us

Blueshift Consulting (Blueshift) is a leading corporate advisory and management consulting firm focused on the new “blue economy” sectors. Since 1998, Blueshift has worked with a range of industries across Australia and overseas including: fisheries, aquaculture, agribusiness, ports & transport, power & industrials, banking & finance, petroleum, and mining.   


Blueshift employs an innovative and collaborative approach which drives success across the ever changing landscape of the blue economy. We provide clients with multidimensional scientific, technical and commercial services; from preliminary feasibility and commercial assessment, through to technical & operations management and R&D. Whilst Blueshift predominantly specialises in aquaculture and fisheries, we have recently expanded our capabilities to include marine ecosystems, carbon, biosecurity, and terrestrial food production systems.  

Consulting Across Continents 


Blueshift boasts a strong global presence having engaged with clients across key regions including the Middle East, Oceania and South-East Asia.


Image by Conor Sexton
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