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Fish Swimming

Meet the Team

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Olivia Smailes

Consultant & Graphic Designer

Olivia earned a BSc in Zoology from the University of Leeds in 2018 and recently completed an MSc in Fisheries Science and Management from James Cook University, Townsville. In her current role at Blueshift, Olivia specialises in providing multidimensional advice across the fisheries sector, with much of her work focused on the Middle East North Africa (MENA) Region. Beyond her role as a fisheries scientist, Olivia excels as a science communicator. Through the knowledge acquired from her degrees and her skills in graphic design, she translates the complexities of science into an accessible and compelling format. In doing so, she successfully fosters engagement with non-specialist audiences. Using her skills, Olivia has assisted industry stakeholders with a range of objectives including driving impact, encouraging participation, building trust, and promoting scientific literacy. 

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