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Meet the Team


Experienced veterinarian & consultant

Dr Patrick Kluver


Pat is a veterinarian and consultant with Blueshift and has over 30 years’ experience in large animal production systems, disease detection and management, biosecurity and bio-risk management. He is currently a senior advisor to Livestock Health and Biosecurity Victoria (LHBV) in Australia. Former roles include technical veterinary specialty advice with Novartis Animal Health, Veterinary Epidemiologist with CSIRO, Consultant in Sheep and Beef Production with the Mackinnon Institute in Australia, and Lecturer in Sheep Medicine and Production with the University of Melbourne. Pat is an international expert on Johne’s Disease, as serious wasting disease in cattle, sheep, goats, alpaca, llama, camels and deer and has consulted and advised to Meat & Livestock Australia as well as a range of other private clients.  Dr Kluver is currently part of an advisory panel on biosecurity risks posed to Australian cattle and sheep production from the potential incursion of Foot & Mouth Disease from neighbouring Indonesia.

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