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Blueshift provide services across the aquaculture industry, from preliminary feasibility and commercial assessment, through to technical and operations management. Our work covers a wide range of local and international species and production systems. 



We assist clients with the optimisation of operational efficiency and best practices. This includes development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and protocols for hatchery, nursery, and grow-out stages, guaranteeing uniformity and excellence throughout the aquaculture process. We provide comprehensive staff training and skills development programs, empowering individuals with the necessary knowledge and expertise for successful aquaculture management. Our proficiency extends to operations and technical reviews/troubleshooting, providing invaluable support to overcome challenges and elevate overall performance in aquaculture operations.

Design, Engineering & Construction

Our expertise covers site identification, assessment, and selection, ensuring optimal locations for your operations. We conduct water sampling and quality analysis to guarantee ideal conditions for aquatic life. Our services extend to facility design for hatchery, nursery, grow-out, and processing, focusing on efficiency and functionality. We provide accurate project quantity estimates and costing to streamline budgeting processes. Additionally, we specialise in innovative aquaculture systems to push boundaries and enhance sustainability.


Feasibility, Planning & Assessment

We offer comprehensive feasibility, planning, and assessment services tailored for aquaculture ventures. We specialise in strategic planning, conducting concept and feasibility studies to lay a solid foundation. Our expertise extends to business plan development and assessments, ensuring viability and sustainability. We provide guidance on species and systems selection, leveraging our knowledge to optimise client operations. Additionally, we offer bio-economic, financial, and business modelling to facilitate informed decision-making. Our team also provides regulatory and approvals advice and assistance, seamlessly navigating the complexities of compliance.

Research & Development (R&D)

We offer comprehensive R&D project management, overseeing both commercial and technical aspects to drive innovation and growth. Our expertise includes R&D plan development and reviews, ensuring alignment with project objectives and industry standards. We provide assistance with grant/funding applications, leveraging our knowledge to secure resources for your R&D initiatives. Additionally, we offer R&D tax assessment and applications, helping you maximise benefits and incentives available for your innovative projects.

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