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Blueshift provides a range of comprehensive services related to fisheries management and sustainability. In line with world's best practices, these services are tailored to support stakeholders in optimising productivity whilst safeguarding the marine environment.

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Policy & Regulation

We assist clients in developing and refining fisheries policies and regulations that are scientifically informed, economically viable, and environmentally sustainable. Our team conducts thorough research and analysis to ensure that the policies align with international standards and best practices while addressing local socio-economic and ecological considerations.


Recognising the complex nature of fisheries ecosystems, we emphasise the implementation of ecosystem-based approaches to fisheries. By considering the interdependencies between target species, their habitats, and associated marine life, we help clients develop integrated management plans that promote long-term ecological health and optimal resource utilisation.


Small-Scale Fisheries

We are committed to enhancing the viability and resilience of artisanal fisheries. From community engagement initiatives to the implementation of best practices, we foster a holistic approach to developing artisanal fisheries management and production. Through our tailored strategies, we aim to not only optimise production, but also preserve the cultural and environmental integrity of these fisheries. 

Supply Chains

We specialise in optimising seafood supply chains through innovative and tailored solutions. Our comprehensive services encompass sustainable sourcing, traceability technologies, and logistic optimisation. With a commitment to driving efficiency, transparency and environmental stewardship, we empower businesses to confidently navigate the complexities of seafood supply chains. 

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